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What is Sandblasting?

Sandblasting is a general term used to describe the act of propelling very fine bits of material at high-velocity to clean or etch a surface. Sand is the most commonly used material, but any small, relatively uniform particles will work. Sandblasting can use anything from synthetic beads to bits of coconut shell.

Sandblasting as a cleaning method has been widely used for over a hundred years, often as a method of priming a surface for the application of paint or a sealant. When painting, one doesn't want to trap dust, dirt, or bubbles in a previous layer of paint, or other imperfections under the new layer. By launching small bits of abrasive at the surface at a high speed, all imperfections are knocked loose and can then be easily washed off, creating an incredibly smooth surface upon which to lay the new layer of paint. Sandblasting may also be used for such projects as cleaning the hulls of ships or large structures such as the Golden Gate Bridge.

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Industrial Blasting & Painting

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The most vital part of any paint job, be it an industrial project with a high tech coatings specification, or a common drywall paint, is the surface preparation. Of course most jobs don't require sandblasting, but where there is metal present, it is strongly recommended. Coatings performance is affected by proper product selection, application and surface preparation. Coating integrity and service life will be reduced because of improperly prepared surfaces. As high as 80% of all coatings failures can be directly attributed to inadequate surface preparation that affects coating adhesion. Selection and implementation of proper surface preparation ensures coating adhesion to the substrate and prolongs the sevice life of the coating system.


Exposed Aggregate Concrete Blasting

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An exposed aggregate finish, by definition: reveals the aggregates, sands and stones near the surface of a concrete slab, which are otherwise hidden and surrounded by a thin layer of cement paste. There are a number of techniques to expose the aggregate, each producing a different and distinctive appearance. Sandblasting is a very popular and common method of adding a decorative element to a concrete slab.


Soda Blasting

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The Soda Blast Process This new paint stripping technology eliminates toxic cleaning chemicals. It cleans multi-layered surfaces to any level desired and can be used while most machines and processes are in operation. It is a safe, portable, wet or dry, non-destructive stripping process. The soda blast media is a specially formulated sodium bicarbonate -- baking soda. This non-toxic, food-grade material is 100% water soluble and environmentally safe.

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Grafitti Removal

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We do not have the solution to preventing graffiti. We do, however, have the solution to removing it. We are graffiti removal solution specialist, removing graffiti from brick, concrete, stone, wood, glass, plastic, aluminum siding, painted metal, and more. Our speciality is removal by baking soda blasting, extremely quick and effective on brick, stone and concrete. We back this up with environmentally sensible chemical solutions (we pressure wash, if necessary) for glass, aluminum siding, painted metal and plastic. We show up on site fully equipped and prepared, providing effective removal solutions for all your graffiti challenges.


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