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Soda Blasting

Cleaning the Statue of Liberty was the first high profile application where Soda Blasting was used. The cost of the project was about $250 million.

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What Is Soda Blasting

In the past, the only way you could remove paint or some other unsightly material from a contaminated surface, was to either chip it off, sand blast it, use harsh chemicals, or sand it until your arm fell off, or your equipment failed. In most cases, after these time consuming, or hazardous methods are discarded, the final solution was just to paint over it and hope no one noticed. There is now a process, known as Soda Blasting, where a surface is cleaned or paint is removed or coatings of any kind are stripped from a substrate both efficiently and safely. It is very similar to traditional sand blasting yet has the significant advantage of cleaning the surface without causing any harm to the substrate or the environment.

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From the removal of graffiti from brick and concrete to the cleaning of boat bottoms, from the removal of carbon, char, and odors from buildings damaged by fire to refurbishing stainless steel kitchen equipment, from removing oil and grease from engines to removing offensive odors in stairwells, from cleaning washrooms in manufacturing facilities to removing paint from brick and steel, from removing rust and paint from cars to line removal off highways, the soda blasting approach has proved to be successful time and time again. The system has been used for:
Paint Removal
Odor Elimination
Engine Parts
Rust Removal
Marking Removal
Stain Removal
Fire Restoration
Airplane Parts
Graffiti Removal
Brick & Concrete
Hard Wood